Really very beautiful packaging for March Pantry The wordmark is hand-lettered. Design by Design is Play.

Bold kosher salt packaging by March Pantry. Never seen such sexy packaging for salt in my life.

Hovard Design    | "Hudson Made packaging references a time in history when every item was individually boxed and packed by hand upon production. Hand wrapped and string tied with a lead seal, each soap is securely protected and unique. The incorporation of traditional printing and letterpress typography on sustainable papers creates a valued product presentation. All of Hudson Made’s packaging is manufactured locally and meticulously selected for a truly regional…

Workers Soap by Hudson Made / designed by Hovard Design - hand tied with real seal gives this package an elevated status.

Sort of Coal - Shiro Shampoo  ACQuiRE UNDERSTANDiNG DIAiSM TjAnn

Shiro shampoo / I love packaging in glass bottles with simple labels . Art of Package . Black and White .

:: :::  I like the simplicity of this packaging ( SOAP for travel ) :: :::

Cool looking soap - very cool. SOAP for travel Vegard Kleven identity by Heydays Handmade. Intentions Soap - they know how to design jaw-d.