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Crees que existan lugares de trabajo asi? / Have you seen offices like this?  Not sure....

Workout during you daily Grind.

Some people have model train sets in their basement. I want to have a model office building in mine!

https://flic.kr/p/8jdVmA | Bedroom | The inspiration for this room began with a bedspread I saw at a store and I realized I could make it in Lego.

I love to build detailed rooms while my kids play w/ their legos, this is inspiration for me; and my daughter would love this also!

Turn a large picture frame with the glass removed into a DIY Lego Mini figure display.

Creative Lego Storage Ideas

DIY Lego Mini-Figure Display - My boys LOVE Legos and they especially love their mini-figures. Their collection was getting a bit out of control, and their mini…

LEGO Creator: Parisian Restaurant

LEGO's Beautifully Detailed Parisian Restaurant - My Modern Metropolis