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Largest structure in universe discovered (Photo: ESO / M. Kornmesser) The structure is a large quasar group (LQG), a collection of extremely luminous galactic nuclei powered by supermassive central black holes.

Largest structure in universe discovered, it's mind-boggling. Astronomers have discovered the largest known structure in the universe, a clump of active galactic cores that stretches 4 billion light-years from end to end.

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Infographic Black holes are strange regions where gravity is strong enough to bend light, warp space and distort time.

Australian astronomers find the oldest star, 13.6 billion years old, making it the most ancient star seen. It lies in our own galaxy, the Milky Way.

The Guardian On 'The Grand Design': How Come Stephen Hawking Wrote The Same Book Again?

Australian astronomers find the "oldest star" billion years old, making it the most ancient star seen. It lies in our own galaxy, the Milky Way, at a distance of around light years from Earth. story dated: 10 Feb 2014


From : NASA Images from the Hubble Space Telescope - This is a planetary nebula; more correctly known as a stellar - remnant nebula. It is more popularly known as The Bug Nebula or The Butterfly Nebula. About half the distance

Colors of the universe

All the colors of the universe, rainbow colors. Another part of dynamic earth is the galaxy, how it's made and how earth began.

Este es el mapa del universo conocido más detallado y cada píxel equivale a una galaxia

(we're the red dot) Laniakea is Hawaiian for "immeasurable heaven", mapped only in 2014 using velocities, this is our home of the Milky Way spiral galaxy & other galaxies as our neighbours in a galactic supercluster


Plasma jets, how amazing. Galaxy Hercules A in the constellation Hercules emits plasma jets nearly one million lightyears long Image credit: NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope

Datos del Sistema Solar

An inverse version of the Solar System Facts chart with information on the Sun, the planets and the dwarf planets in our solar system in order from th

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Cosmic Energy Control

Flaming Star Nebula The galaxies are awesome. The Creator of the galaxies - beyond our comprehension.

Un Agujero Negro es un hipotético cuerpo celeste con un campo gravitatorio tan fuerte que ni siquiera la radiación electromagnética puede escapar de su proximidad. El cuerpo está rodeado por una frontera esférica, llamada horizonte de sucesos, a través de la cual la luz puede entrar, pero no puede salir, por lo que parece ser completamente negro.

Black Holes are so dense, and produce such intense gravity, that even light can not escape. Theoretical physicists predict that there are situations under which light can escape (which is called Hawking radiation).

NGC 7714 es una galaxia espiral en la constelación de Piscis. Fue descubierto por John Herschel el 18 de septiembre 183

NGC 7714 ~ This unusual structure is a river of Sun-like stars that has been pulled deep into space by the gravitational tug of a passing galaxy (not pictured) during a near-collision approximately 100 million years ago.

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Oh, such a beautiful purple and blue nebulae. I need to be careful that we don't go too 'deep space'. It's more sky and stars. But still, this is nice.

Black hole

Is the Eridanus Void a "Universe-in-Mass" Black Hole One-Billion Light Years Across?