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Ahora resulta que no sirven para nada los baños en hielo !

An ice bath is the perfect post run recovery for long distance runners

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Motivational Workout Quotes

"There will be a day when I can no longer do this, That day is not today." At I have had this thought. Is is worth it? How long can I really keep it up? Then, I realize that, the better shape I am in, the better shape I will stay in.

You've logged the miles and worked your butt off—now it's time to own this thing. Here's how to start and finish strong

7 Race-Day Running Tips

Youve logged the miles and worked your butt offnow its time to own this thing. Heres how to start and finish strong--half marathon

Running, it clears the mind.

Need inspiration to kick start your fitness? We've selected the best workouts for people to improve their fitness level and sculpt their best body ever!

What if everybody ran- Mizuno running study

What if everybody ran? Athletic apparel company Mizuno partnered with scientists at the University of North Carolina to find out what a nation of runners might look like, and the results are pretty incredible! Food for thought.

and all of the hard work you have put in makes it even more rewarding!

A lot of people get frustrated when trying to lose weight. It is a common occurrence which has led many weight loss programs and diets .

5 foot 5, finding balance

When you wake up in the morning just remember how fortunate you are to be alive, to breathe, to think, to enjoy, to love and of course to run

Apologies for the language, but this is seriously how I feel about so many things in life right now. Finishing is my only option. Sheesh. (((Best motivational sign ever, as seen at NYC Marathon.)))

Signs and Cowbells

Muscle and Joint Pain Solutions: TheMotivatedType on Etsy

TheMotivatedType on Etsy

In honor of athletic trainers month, shout out to all of them out there! That& for the tape jobs!

Starting C25k...need to learn how to run

Butt Workouts

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WHAT EXACTLY DOES RUNNING DO TO TO INSIDES? With our strong calves and general awesomeness, it's easy to see the outward changes that running can have on our bodies; but it's what's on the inside that counts. This is what all that running does to your in

Boy this looks familiar!

Boy this looks familiar!

Recovery Tips for Runners - www.active.com/running/Articles/Recovery_Tips_for_Runners.htm

Recovery Tips for Runners

It is widely, and wrongly, assumed that recovery runs help the body bounce back from hard training. But what is their real benefit?