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Golden eagle: these raptors are known to hunt other birds up to the size of herons and swans.

Love it!  Not sure Weasley is tough enough for a sign like this though

I miss our Doberman, Ruger. What a great dog he was! Left this in for the person that pinned it originally - My bit is just to let you know that EVERY Doberman I ever met was a cuddly bundle of niceness -remember- NO bad dogs, just bad OWNERS XX

I don't know what this is. A swan? Anyone?

An Emerald with Diamonds, a Double-crested cormorant photo taken in Everglades National Park, Florida, by Amy Marques

IMG 3053

IMG 3053

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A rare image of a flying peacock.Wow what a awesome sight.Never seen a flying peacock - I didn't know they could fly!

-The Blind Dragon

A good study of reptile scales & texture. One of my favorite things about beardies, their gorgeous spikes on their beard and their belly :)

prounovis:  "Tiger" charcoal on paper. -Artist:Robert Longo -via:http://www.pbart.com/robert-longo-black-and-white-nuremberg-germany/

Available for sale from Hamilton-Selway Fine Art, Robert Longo, Untitled (Tiger) Pigment print, 45 × 33 in