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daleast street art (12)

DALeast was born in 1984 in Wuhan, China and is currently based in Cape Town, South Africa with his wife, who is also an artist.

La obra 'Exode', del artista Levalet, en París en 2015.

Más allá de Banksy: 32 artistas urbanos que tienes que conocer

La obra 'Exode', del artista Levalet, en París en 2015.

Sara Riel | Reykjavik, Iceland

Sara Riel | Reykjavik, Iceland


Colorful Origami Street Art Installations by Mademoiselle Maurice. The Saint-Maurice cathedral was adorned with two installations—a geometric pattern on the front gate and a rainbow of origami on the front steps.

Edgar Mueller - 3D Street Art

Edgar Mueller - 3D Street Art

This guy is simply amazing. His art is breath-taking and mind-blowing. He is a master of street painting. He uses the street as a canvas. If one looks from the right spot, its three-dimensional painting becomes the perfect illusion.

Street art

Defoliation P. Mural by DAL. Dal East landed on this planet in 1984 in China, he then decided to live as an artist in this life. He studied sculpture at the Institute of Fine Arts and began doing art on public space at 2004 under the alias DAL.

El impresionante arte urbano lleno de movimiento de DALeast.   #arteurbano #streetart #artecallejero

Chinese-born DALeast lives in South Africa but spends six months of the year travelling and has tagged walls on nearly every continent. His unusual paintings,

100 of the most beloved Street Art Photos in 2012   Part 2

100 of the most beloved Street Art Photos in 2012 - Part 2

Beautifully Painted Stairs From All Over The World----Beirut, Lebanon. In Beirut, Lebanon you can find these steps painted in a rainbow of colors that resemble piano keys. There’s almost a kind of rugged beauty about them.

Creatures -Beautiful Street Art by DALeast in London, England

Twisted Metal Street Art Murals by DALeast - ‘Adrenalin’ – Cape Town, South Africa

Persistent Parabola

DALeast "Persistent Parabola" new mural for Forest For The Trees in Portland, Oregon


Satellite dish art Might have pinned it before Another township possible project

CC, Los Angeles, USA, 2015

When French artist and filmmaker Julien de Casabianca visited the Louvre, there was one lonely girl that caught his eye;

STREET ART UTOPIA » We declare the world as our canvasTop Rated Street Art - "Perfect; fits beautifully into the surroundings. Way to make something magical :)" » STREET ART UTOPIA

There was something in those stars under the tree. And something in that tree under the stars.

New Surreal Street Art by Etam Cru

New Surreal Street Art by Etam Cru

Sainer and Bezt are street artists from Lodz, Poland. Together the duo are known as ETAM CRU and their building-sized murals are incredible.

life is beautiful

Oh yes it is,despite every pain.every hurdle.Life is beautiful with all of this.and Im grateful for allllll the zillion things I have to be grateful for.Life is certainly beautiful-wall art.