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JFK & the cool factor

Today being the anniversary of the assassination of President Kennedy, there has been plenty of discussion about the man and the event. Style icon notwithstanding, I’ve been fascinated with JFK for years. Reading about that day, seeing the films of …

Personajes en Blanco y Negro by Yousuf Karsh | MUNDOFLANEUR.COM | MUNDOFLANEUR.COM

Personajes en Blanco y Negro by Yousuf Karsh

John Fitzgerald Kennedy, commonly known as Jack Kennedy or by his initials JFK, was an American politician who served as the President of the United States from January 1961 until his assassination in November

Pals: Seen here in 1962, actor Peter Lawford was very close with President John F. Kennedy's brother-in-law, having married his sister Patricia 'Pat' Kennedy

'They're bullies and they treat their women like crap': One former Kennedy wife tells of Robert Kennedy's come-ons, JFK's stealing, and the family's philandering

President Kennedy and his brother-in-law Peter Lawford aboard the United States Coast Guard yacht 'Manitou'

John F. Kennedy

An economy hampered by restrictive tax rates will never produce enough jobs or enough profits. - John F. Kennedy (I KNOW it's JFK, check it out, he really said that!

JFK and Jackie

10 of the Greatest ‘Life’ Magazine Covers of All Time

Cover of LIFE featuring Sen. John Kennedy & fiance Jacqueline Bouvier sailing on Cape Cod waters during Jackie's summer visit to future in-laws; photo by Hy Peskin. (Photo by Hy Peskin/Life Magazine, Copyright Time Inc.

Jackie O in Chanel

Black we love, the favorites of StoresConnect. Jackie Kennedy Onassis wearing Chanel while walking in New York City, 1970

The Kennedys

REVEALED: The FBI's top secret Kennedy files that showed Bobby and Jackie were lovers

The Kennedys with a fabulous Jackie, front and center

Caroline Kennedy, John F. Kennedy and Jacqueline Kennedy at Hyannis Port photographed by Mark Shaw, Classic family shot.

John F. Kennedy with his daughter Caroline, who’s wearing a JFK mask. Halloween 1962

A playful photo of JFK and his daughter Caroline having some fun with a President Kennedy Halloween mask (October

je te dirais comment tu diriges www.vanityfair.fr/vanites/mode/diaporama/les-habits-du-pouvoir/18#les-habits-du-pouvoir-12

Dis moi ce que tu portes,

Style icon - John F Kennedy Spending the weekend in Hyannisport aboard his ship the Honey Fitz , Kennedy smokes a cigar and reads The New York Times .