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"Portuguese Knitting" - yarn around the neck

This video is just so you can see how the portuguese knitting looks with the yarn around the neck

Portuguese knitting - The Purl stitch

Portuguese knitting - The Purl stitch

Portuguese knitting with Rosa Pomar. This is a short slow motion video showing the portuguese technique for purling.

Chinchero-style knitting

Chinchero-style knitting

Knitting Pipeline - Elizabeth Zimmermann

Knitting Pipeline: Episode 100 Two Letters from Elizabeth Zimmermann

Photograph by Michael Rougier. New York City, December 1947.

Snow, Grand Central Terminal, New York City, December 1947 - cancelled New York Central train "The North Star" . I might get to finish this pair of socks by the time the next one arrives

Cabin Fever Sisters Knit

Adult sweaters, several of them, mean the fingers are flying and my shoulders and neck are sore. To ease the pain I h.

Old woman Knitting

Old woman Knitting, Portugal. Yarn looped behind the neck helps control yarn tension.

Andrea Wong shows the basic setup for doing Portuguese knitting, tensioning the yarn through a pin on her left shoulder, on the Knitting Daily blog. [More knitting tech at https://www.pinterest.com/yrauntruth/fiber-knit-techniques-tutorials/ ]

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Australian prime minister Julia Gillard knitting a toy kangaroo for the royal baby

Photoshoot row: Julia Gillard ridiculed for knitting royal baby kangaroo

If your hands get sore after hours of knitting, you may want to learn more about Portuguese Style knitting. Here's a quick video intro.

Video Tutorial: Portuguese Style Knitting (The Chilly Dog)

Old lady sitting and knitting in front of her...

Senior knitting gloves and socks in front of her house in Şirince village of İzmir (Turkey). Photo by Mustafa Cem Çubuk