As belas ilustrações com mulheres em mundos de fantasia de Catherine Koht

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Larra of Lys. Born noble, married the most powerful lord of the free city of Lys. After she bore him a son he grew tired of her and she found a lover. When she gave birth to another son her husband tried to have her and the child killed, but she escaped with her 2nd child. She was the paramour of a few lords in a kingdom across the sea  and birthed their bastards before creating a whore house to provide for herself.

Lady Serenei of Lys, also called Sweet Serenei, was the ninth and last mistress of Aegon IV Targaryen. There was one child of their union, Shiera Seasta.


Lysia as Queen of the Unseelie? League of the Risen: All-knowing Princess of the Risen; sees visions. The Risen League worships her like their own Goddess. She is seen as the Holiest of their angels

As belas mulheres nas ilustrações de fantasia de Charlie Bowater

Charlie Bowater is an extremely talented concept artist and illustrator from the UK. She love music, reading, photography, and all things fun. Here we have gathered Gorgeous Women Illustrations By Charlie Bowater.

I am here but I am not yours. —  	Sarah Winman, When God Was a Rabbit

A star was bound upon her brow, a light was on her hair, as sun upon the golden boughs, In Lórien the fair.

Going to be doing some face practice these few weeks... ----------------- reference used : White Fairy - Stock MariaAmanda

Around a week. will revisit some day. Do not use, modify, or reproduce my work in any way. © Hailey Jean 2012 No unauthorized use. >>Reminds me of my shapeshifting character.

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Rhona Quennari, a half-elven bard from Wiron, look in the mirror at home at the scar that the thief gave her, concerned by how it can affect her future.