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Ephemeral art by Andres Amador


artist Andreas Amador sand drawings uses a rake and helpers as speed is of the essence before tide returns

Um homem leva um único ancinho para a praia. E quando você olha por cima... Alucinante!

As alucinantes obras de arte na praia de Andres Amador

San Francisco based landscape artist Andres Amador creates stunning large-scale sand drawings using only a rake and some help from volunteers.

Its a race against the tide for this artist who spends hours carving intricate artworks in the sand - only for them to be washed away by the sea just hours later. Andres Amador spends hours painstakingly carving giant doodles on the beach some spanning a massive 300 by 500 foot. The American artist carefully sketches each pattern and geometric design in a sketchbook before re-creating the grand design in the sand using nothing more than a garden rake.

San Francisco-area based landscape artist Andres Amador creates amazing large-scale sand paintings on beaches using only a rake and some help from volunteers.

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Trees are vicious, if you give them enough time. Check out this collection of photos of trees (slowly) swallowing up everything in their path.

Land Art - Découvrez dans la suite de l'article l'une des meilleures selections de Land-Art du moment...

Sélection de Land Art

Andy Goldsworthy andy has used the water to reflect the reflection of the sticks in the water. he has put them in a specific order to make the sticks look like a fish

country road with stick fence

love this and it reminds me of our country road when I was a girl. The fence row is so true to what an old time fence looked like with posts so near the other after years of fixing the fence.

Was bleibt am Ende? Nichts. Aber was ist schon von Dauer, sagt Amador...

Andres Amador, a San Francisco artist covers entire stretches of beach with his staggering work which is poignantly washed away by the waves, leaving the sand again pristine.

Artist Craig Alan often uses small figures in his paintings to create the portraits of pop-culture icons (Audrey Hepburn)

American artist Craig Alan creates unique portraits of pop-culture icons using people as pixels. Audrey Hepburn from Breakfast At Tiffany’s.

With a rake as his only tool, San Francisco based artist Andreas Amador creates large scale sand paintings primarily on beaches along the California coast. Andreas usually waits for a full moon to make sure the ocean’s tides are low enough for him to complete his designs before they’re permanently washed away. Honestly beautiful.

Sand Paintings

Warped Fields, Ocean Beach, CA - San Francisco native Andres Amador is an artist that specializes in temporary land art on sandy beaches.