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Antonietta Janthina   ;)

Antonietta janthina Baba & Hamatani, 1977 date place :Enoura, Sagami Bay, Japan size approx mm depth m temperature C

Nudibranch Ceratosoma sinuatum

Stock Photo of Nudibranch Ceratosoma sinuatum. High Quality Nudibranch Images and Gloss Prints are available from Oceanwide Images Stock Photo Library.

Oxynoe viridis (nudibranch)

Dear Bill, I was given these two pictures taken by a local diver, and I have not the slightest idea what is it. My best guess is a slug, possibly related to cerasinu Ceratosoma sinuata (where I saw in your site green and speckle

Sea Slug

Somehow this photo seems like the nudi was caught from behind and is not very happy about it.Nudibranchs are a special piece of underwater artwork. They come in myriad shapes, colors and sizes.

Blake Auge's photo. Nudi with frosting Big Liguid Island, Philippines 6.17.13 Canon SD1000, Canon Housing ambient light, macro setting 1/60 f28 ISO200

Nudi with frosting Big Liguid Island, Philippines Canon Canon Housing ambient light, macro setting

Ceratosoma brevicaudatum

Ceratosoma brevicaudatum - I love Sea Slugs. Artsy little things.

Goniobranchus gleniei (Nudibranchia - Chromodorididae), a colorful sea slug distributed in the Indo-Pacific, formerly named Chromodoris gleniei This Chromodorid is a relatively uncommon species.