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hahahhahahaha. #IMDEAD

Elf on a Shelf ➡️ Whore in a drawer Barbie Merry Christmas

Fatherly love

Here are 14 Dads who Know How To Handle Proms. Awesome Dads Who Know How to Handle Prom Dates. Awesome Dads Who Know How to Handle Prom.

hilarious wine labels someone put on a regular wine. I would love to make something like this & give out as gift. Threat Level Wine

Threat Level Wine

funny wine bottle labels break down rough day murder on my mind - I feel like this would be the perfect gift for you haha

;Damn................it is hot up in here...

Please excuse me while I light my house on fire! Lol I would never light my house on fire even though the fire men are CUTE!


Funny pictures about Mommy Advisory System. Oh, and cool pics about Mommy Advisory System. Also, Mommy Advisory System photos.

elf on the shelf

How to completely freak out your kids… A human Elf On A Shelf. This would be fantastic if you could find a someone the kids had never seen before. Just wake up… And find a random person in an elf costume sitting on your mantle…hilarious.

Funny Diet Pictures on Instagram | POPSUGAR Fitness - All those years I didn't know the name for my condition.

Hilarious Weight-Loss Quotes to Instantly Feel Better About Your Diet

ARE YOU HANGRY? - funny foodie tea or coffee mug (original white coffee mug with black definition) suitable for gift

Ha ha. (But also not funny... do not drink & drive)

Cop Humor: The officer said, "You drinking? I said, "you buying? We just laughed and laughed. I need bail money.

My husband deserves this cake. I'm sorrys aren't cuttin it anymore! Poor guy!

Do you think any man would bake a cake that says, "sorry I'm a grumpy asshole"? Probs not, so this grumpy bitch won't be baking any apology cake any time soon.


Helen Keller and her beloved cat, “Mittens”. My sense of humor is why I'm going to hell.if I believed in hell that is

The new titles match the cover art perfectly. A little too perfectly. | Someone Is Photoshopping Kids Books And The Results Are Hilarious

The new titles match the cover art perfectly. A little too perfectly.

The new titles match the cover art perfectly. Classic Childhood Books With Updated Titles Are Beyond Hilarious

Things you only have to worry about if life is pretty good.

Funny pictures about First world problems. Oh, and cool pics about First world problems. Also, First world problems photos.

You sir.......

Tim Tebow xD, thank God their are still people who stand up for their faith.