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// Machine Age Modernist Lucite Kinetic Sculpture w/ Moving Gears

Fancy - Machine Age Modernist Lucite Kinetic Sculpture w/ Moving Gears USA c. A vintage sculptural "machine" with clear lucite gears and case on a metal base. Once plugged in and turned on, the gears move, lights flash and bells ring.

Bruce Gray - "Soundtrack" Kinetic Art Rolling Ball Musical Wall Sculpture

Soundtrack Kinetic Art Rolling Ball Musical Wall Sculpture by Bruce Gray

I love how the artist built a frame around the sculpture. The frame is simple, which is a nice contrast to the very complex sculpture inside.

Gravitrams are ultra-intricate kinetic sculptures built by Shab Levy between 1973 and Most of them are basically rolling balls travelling on metal rails, in a very Rube Goldberg fashion.

Kinetic Sculpture by Jeffrey Zachmann

Kinetic Sculpture by Jeffrey Zachmann connecting Kinetic Art to Kinetic Energy Check us out in the New Educators guide

kinetic sculptures

These kinetic sculptures were created by students in the Foundations Time class at Alfred University's School of Art and Design. The class was co-taught by…

Kinetic Sculptures Recycled Art

Kinetic Sculptures

Utah artist Andrew Smith creates incredible kinetic sculptures from stuff found in junk yards and garage sales. His trash collection fills …

Is this Arthur Ganson?

"California Dreamin " is a motorized kinetic art ball machine sculpture with 2 steel balls that get lifted by a drive chain conve.

Charles and Ray Eames, Solar Do-Nothing Toy (1958)

SPEED & GEARS "It is not supposed to do. It is supposed to be. Its whole function is in its being. Solar Toy Ray and Charles Eames created around for Alcoa

Jean Tinguely (1925 - 1991) Sculptor and also a pioneer in the field of art that engenders social engagement. His sculptures often rely on the spectator to push a button, pull a lever, or somehow cause them to start moving.

jean tinguely kinetic sculpture in his workhe want to represent the movement: becase movemnte for him is part of daily life

Kinetic Art, "Story Time" by Atelier NL with Laikingland!

Story Time by Atelier NL with Laikingland. Story Time is a wonderful wall mounted time-piece created to question our perceptions of time.