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foxes live a solitary life, and what i would do to have a friendly fox!


The elusive fox


elidaloirinha: magicalnaturetour: What about me? by Lise De Serres ♥ƪ(‾ε‾ )ʃ♥

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Looking Foxy....

Irish red foxes killed yearly in Ireland, let's give them protection they deserve

pensive fox

Yet another curious Fox

Say what?

Say what?

theanimalblog: “ Red Fox | MumblingGeek (DeeSnke on Flickr) ”

which I like for obvious reasons.

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My Foxin’ Crazy Obsession

Foxy -- Reminds me of Brother David--he loved the wild animals and God's purpose they served.

All, but one seems worried.

magicalnaturetour: “ A Step Up by ~Behrfeet :) ”

Fox Gaze by CKG88

Fox Gaze by

Photograph A Cooling Stretch by Dan Busby on 500px

A Cooling Stretch by Dan Busby -

I will have a pet fox someday and I hope he is as cute and fluffy as this one :) AC

The quick, red fox jumped.

Lovely foxes,,,

beautiful-wildlife: “Red Fox Pups by Wendy Bandurski-Miller ”

Red Fox

A red fox explores a winter wonderland // Photo © Jeffery Rich

Red fox relaxing after a day of hard work modelling for photographers :) Sorry, had to change the file a few times.