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I bought tickets for the walking tour DARKEST LONDON WITH IAIN SINCLAIR AND SEBASTIAN GROES for my birthday.  Victorian London is often portrayed as a city of darkness, oppression, crime and squalor – but was this really the case? Renowned writer and London psychogeographer, Iain Sinclair, considers the capital’s depiction in the literature of Charles Dickens and his contemporaries with Dr Sebastian Groes, author of Making of London.

Charles Dickens Sketch shows Seven Dials in Central London and how he saw London.

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The stories behind the world’s strangest flags

A really interesting breakdown of the worlds flags. This would be a good warm up activity for grades when discussion government, nationhood, and global issues.

The Old Curiosity Shop. | 18 Vintage Photos Of Charles Dickens' London

18 Vintage Photos Of Charles Dickens' London

What an interesting idea. Dividing the states up into "states" that are based on population, not current lines...

What the U.S. map would look like if each state had the same population

The Electoral Reform Map redivides the fifty United States into 50 states of equal population. The 2010 Census records a population of for the United States, which this map divides into 50 states, each with a population of about

Postman late 1850s.

British Postman and pillar box, late by British Postal Museum & Archive. Note his hat and coat/trousers; emigrants took their normal clothing with them to Utah!

ancient maps antica mappa di Roma

ancient maps

ancient maps antica mappa di Roma

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the-square-mile-of-london: Great Saint Helen’s, Bishopgate, City of London, 1886 by/por: Henry Dixon.

Lambeth High Street 1847.

1847 Lambeth High Street Showing the Windmill Pub, a pub called the Windmill still stands on the same site.

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A walk through the complex can feel like taking a stroll through the past. You can find vampires garbed in clothing as old as the complex itself.

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A very large formation of circles and arcs flowing from a bisected triangle with a shaft and circles leading from it. 1000 feet in length.

Muslim vs Christians in Nigeria Islam in Africa Map See map details From lib.edu Created 1987

Petticoat Lane, London, England--my great grandfather was born here

24 Amazing Vintage Photographs That Capture Eager Crowds Surging Down Petticoat Lane Market in London from a Century Ago

Fun Facts about Antarctica

Fun Facts about Antarctica

Fun Facts about Antarctica . Browse new photos about Fun Facts about Antarctica . Because it's fun!

An East London pet store in the 1890's with a wall of caged song-birds at Club Row.

An East London pet store in the with a wall of caged song-birds at Club Row. The Huguenots were known for loving caged birds.