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Echeveria 'Mexican Snowball'

Echeveria 'Mexican Snowball'

Echeveria elegans 'Mexican Snowball' succulents have silvery-green leaves that form tight rosettes.

Echeveria pulidonis

Echeveria pulidonis is a very neat compact plant with arching spikes with yellow bell shaped flowers.

haworthia acuminata

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Echeveria "Parva" x "Raindrops"

Leo González shared Suculentia's photo to the group: Aloe & Echeveria & Crassulas & Aeonium. 9 hrs · Echeveria "Parva" x "Raindrops"

Echeveria subsessillis (pink form)

Echeveria subsessillis (pink form)

Echeveria laui var variegata

the-wiccans-glossary: “ Varieties of Echeveria: Echeveria laui var variegata, Echeveria ‘Hime Shougetsu’, and Echeveria rainbow. (In order) The Wiccan’s Glossary ”

Echeveria cuspidata Menchaca 20 seeds Rare Cactus by Seedsplace

Echeveria cuspidata Menchaca 20 seeds Rare Cactus by Seedsplace

La Crassula cotyledonis pertenece al género de las Crasuláceas y como la mayoría de ellas su origen se encuentra en Sudáfrica. Los cuidados y características de cultivo son idénticas a todas esas c…

Conoce la Crassula cotyledonis

Crassula cotyledonis is a low growing succulent plant, up to 6 inches cm) tall. The leaves are paddle-shaped, tapering towards the base, grey-green.

Echeveria 'Irish Mint'

Echeveria ‘Irish Mint’, forms rosettes of mint green, upswept tubular leaves. Profuse bouquets of larger golden orange flowers. In habitat, many Echeverias grow on rocky out croppings at higher altitudes.

131 - Graptopetalum paraguayense

Photos that inspired Sensational Succulents adult coloring book