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Tree nymph

Dryads are shy Greek nymphs who are connected to trees and are demigods. They protect their forests and the creatures and plants that live there. They are very peaceful. They are long-living and ge…

Tree love

Nature's Embrace by Josephine Wall. On a magical twilight night, high above…

This highly detailed black and white temporary tree tattoo look super cool as an arm tattoo, shoulder or chest tattoo or placed anywhere you like! The barren tree indicates an ominous feeling, while t

Creepy Tree Tattoo

Temporary Tattoo-Creepy Tree Tattoo-Gifts for Men-Tattoo Sticker-Gifts for Women

More wolves. More Awwwwwwww Still in a mushy mood. And I am still loving pencil drawings on bristol board XD Wolfy love

The dryad by Naralim.deviantart.com on @deviantART

She was something that was part dream part inspiration, I was trying to find my own style and of course blundered through trying to copy the stylle of o. The dryad

Goddess Tree of Life

Like the idea of the tree and body being one. -A "CJ Shelton - Spring Goddess SMALL

Youll Find Your Way Back

Guys I actually really enjoy long-ass bus rides. Three hours uninterrupted on a bus means 3 hours uninterrupted . You'll Find Your Way Back


Tree of life idea Tree of Life; I want to get the tree of life on the back of my ankle showing I'm grounded to this world and all my negative and positive energy flows down into it, releasing me to be free