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Remarkable Images Of Volcanic Lightning, A Scientific Mystery

Epic Pictures of the Sakurajima Volcano Erupting in Japan volcano 6

Epic Pictures of the Sakurajima Volcano Erupting in Japan

German photographer Martin Rietze released a series of breathtaking pictures of a volcano erupting in southern Kyushu, Japan. In the photographs you’re able to admire the energetic eruption of Sakurajima Volcano.

The 15 craziest things in nature you wont believe actually exist: Volcanic Lightning aka "dirty thunderstorms"

Volcano and lightning

De la foudre dans un volcan

Lightning emerges from lava erupting from the Sakurajima Volcano in the Kaghoshima area of South Japan - photographer Martin Rietze

Incredible pictures of recent volcano eruption in Japan.   Sakurajima, Southern Kyushu, Japan.  Photo by Martin Rietze, via http://mrietze.com

Photos of Lightning Striking Inside of an Erupting Volcano

Remarkable and mysterious photographs of volcanic lightning, captured by German volcano enthusiast and photographer Martin Rietze, who shot .

Photos of a recent volcano eruption in Japan, by Martin Rietze (via http://jaredleto.com/thisiswhoireallyam/2013/03/21/photos-of-a-recent-volcano-eruption-in-japan-by-martin-rietze/

German photographer Martin Rietze had a unique opportunity to be in Japan as the Sakurajima Volcano in southern Kyushu erupted with forth smoke, fire, and lava.


Epic Pictures of the Sakurajima Volcano Erupting in Japan


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but does it float

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メッセージ | 無印良品