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Traditional Japanese hand tube fireworks at the Gion Matsuri Festival of Yoshida-jinja Shrine in Toyohashi City- Hidenobu Suzuki

The really scary Festival Photo by Hidenobu Suzuki — National Geographic Your Shot


Ant Death Spiral: A circle of army ants, each one following the ant in front (because they use scent/pheromones to follow each others' trails since they are blind), becomes locked into a circular mill. They will continue to circle each other until they all die.

This is one of my favorite things about ants -- the ant death spiral. Actually, it's a circular mill, first described in army ants by Schne.

Danseur, Bafout, Cameroun

Winner – Best Single Image in a Cultures and Traditions portfolio: Tribal dancer, Bafut, Cameroon - Photo: Phillip Lee Harvey

Tokujin Yoshioka- The installation "Twilight" creates the mood of the whole space with the light and aura. it would remind people of the natural phenomenon, known as the angel's ladder.

Tokujin Yoshioka in collaboration with Moroso presented a series of chairs named 'MOON' in a beautiful installation called 'Twilight'.

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "interstellar environment"

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "interstellar environment"


// Elizabeth // East Coast of America


My name is Carly I am a 28 yr old human I post my art and things that inspire me tags: my art me & the things I collect animal crossing my wishlist elsewhere: Somnium game project illustration portfolio background drawing by me contact: toothdelicious

Dove Egg Painting @danielle h. This "dovely" egg is for you.  :)

Have a look at the surreal paintings of Romanian artist Mihai Criste who is fascinated by abstration, mystery and illusion. (via Olesya Zwintershtein)


High definition photography of the blood vessels in a human eye - looks eerily like a forest.