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A Sign Of The Times: Jakub Geltner’s Creepy Installations Made From Surveillance Equipment Are Always Watching You


Artist Installs Clusters of Security Cameras and Satellite Dishes in Public Spaces ⋆ Alter Minds

A youth organization that’s been known to use graffiti as a means of expression has teamed up with the government of Mexico to rehabilitate Palmitas, a town in the Pachuca district. Under the moniker “Germen Crew,” the group painted 209 houses, or twenty-thousand square meters of facade, into a single rainbow mural.

Mexican Government Asked Street Artists To Paint 200 Houses To Unite Community

Macro-Mural by artist collective Germen spans 209 houses in Pachuca, Mexico

Thomas Jackson

Cups, Magazines And Tutus Are Swirling Around In Thomas Jackson’s Dreamlike Photographs - Beautiful/Decay

Have you ever noticed how surveillance cameras are always alone? There’s a good reason for that. Prague-based artist Jakub Geltner shows us how disturbing it can get if these devices hung out together, just like a flock or a herd. Wanting to show how technology has saturated the world around us, he’s been placing security […]

Artist imagines what it would be like for security cameras to hang out together

wtbw: “(via jakub geltner nests security cameras + satellite dishes in nature and architecture) ”

felicita sala illustration

characters for paper cut animation for Slow Food Story documentary.


Pat Perry

Incredible sketchbook drawings by artist Pat Perry. It's actually kinda demoralizing to know that some sketchbooks look like this.

nevver:   Take the stairs | GREEN!Mind

MIRROR INSTALLATIONS, SHIRIN ABEDINIRAD Iranian artist Shirin Abedinirad explores complex human issues and relationships through her intriguing exhibitions and symbolic performances. Abedinirad’s.


Anthony Gerace: Mcrae, Georgia Some American Cities and Towns.


Hayley Eichenbaum Mother Road Series

Statement : My objective is to produce situations that confront social and moral constructions of female identity.

Crisis: el arte urbano hecho con monedas que ya no puedes ver en Bilbao

Street artist SpY recently decorated the walls of Bilbao with his new artwork by spelling the word CRISIS with 1000 euros in 2 cents copper coins.

Mark Dion, Trichechus manatus latirostris, 2013

New Danish triennial looks at nature throughout history – in pictures

Mark Dion, Trichechus manatus latirostris, 2013