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I do this! But then they say the dreaded "What's it about?" and I just point at the back while keeping on reading. I thought I was the only one!

They keep saying these are "nerd girl" problems. I think they're "reader" problems. You don't have to be a nerd to enjoy a good book and reading doesn't make girls nerds.

This is so beautiful and true.

Narnia Percy Jackson Eragon The Hobbit The Maze Runner Divergent Harry Potter The Hunger Games The Fault In Our Stars The Mortal Instruments I've seen/read all except Narnia and TFIOS

Curious mind

"What is a bookshelf other than a treasure chest for a curious mind" - The Picsees.

When we enter a bookstore! !

Love these hysterical disney book memes. Adults and teens alike will appreciate these.

Love Love Love, Quotes Love, Nice

FANDOMS UNITE hunger games percy jackson maze runner mortal instruments the fault in our stars harry potter divergent

Mo Williams...the master of expressing book nerd emotions! My siblings were raised on Gerald and Piggy, this is my LIFE!!!

I LOVE elephant and piggie books. Mo willems is a genius, really. The elephant totally gets me…

Dont even get me started

*cough cough* How to Train Your Dragon *cough*Percy Jackson*cough cough* Rise of the Guardians *cough* Harry Potter *cough* Pretty much everything *cough*

Did anyone else feel like this while reading the Matched trilogy?

Did anyone else feel like this while reading the Matched trilogy?<--- we all felt like that while reading the matched trilogy