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La temperatura de la Tierra subirá hasta 4,8 grados en 2100: La temperatura del planeta subirá entre 0,3 y 4,8 grados en el siglo XXI, alertó el informe de un grupo de expertos de la ONU.  El Panel Intergubernamental sobre el Cambio Climático (IPCC) considera "extremamente probable" que la influencia humana sea la principal causa del calentamiento global observado desde mediados del siglo XX. Los expertos cifran esa certeza en un 95%, frente al 90% de su último informe de 2007.

Gov’t Scientists: Antarctic Sea Ice Is Growing — Because Of Global Warming

Just this February, a man named Jim Inhofe tried to disprove the concept of global warming by bringing a snowball into the United States Senate. Two things are worth pointing out: That man, Mr. Inhofe, happens to be a powerful U.S. Senator, and the Chair of the U.S. Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works. This week, a group of insurance companies (including big guys like Allianz and Liberty Mutual) released a report calling on the government to better prepare for…

20 Startling Pics To Show Anyone Who Doesn't Think Climate Change Is Real

Raw: Massive Dust Storm Covers Phoenix

A massive dust storm covered the Phoenix metropolitan area on Friday.

Marambio Base, permanent Argentinian base...

Marambio Base, permanent Argentinian base...

Athena Image

The retreating Knox Coast iceshelf exposes the barren Windmill Islands of Vincennes Bay in the Australian Antarctic Territory. -- pinned using BrowserBliss

Lake Mead -- the system’s largest reservoir -- will narrowly escape a shortage…

‘Climate change is water change’ — why the Colorado River system is headed for major trouble

Lake Mead -- the system’s largest reservoir -- will narrowly escape a shortage declaration next year. But a shortage is looking imminent in

Coral on Australia’s Great Barrier Reef seen suffering from bleaching in 1998. Bleaching occurs when ocean temperatures pass a threshold that affects the tiny animals which give coral its brilliance.

Climate change warnings for coral reef may have come to pass, scientists say

As coral bleaching threat is raised for Great Barrier Reef, experts say events show that dire projections for reefs under global warming were not alarmist

changement climatique alaska

changement climatique alaska