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Carlsberg Copenhagen by Carlsberg Group, via Flickr

Carlsberg Copenhagen, targeted at consumers that are very design savvy. The beer, brand and design have all been developed by Carlsberg’s International Innovation Department in Copenhagen in collaboration with the Carlsberg Research Center.

Plata Laus 2013 | Unidad o línea de pack y/o etiqueta |  Título: Rasurado |  Autor: Moruba |  Cliente: Bodegas y Viñedos Arranz y Argote

Packaging for wine from D.C Rioja. The town’s barber shop is the centre of the world. Here mundane chat mingles with ancestral wisdom. Here, sometimes, something important starts. The wine of the barber.

James Utley | Jordan Bell | Keith Jernigan | Aubrie Barrnett | Zack Gulliani “For our final project in Persuasive Graphics, we had to create a drink company. Me and my group of 4 others (James Utley, Keith Jernigan, Aubrie Barrnett and Zack Gulliani) decided on Ipswich Brewing Co. We got a lot of inspiration from football emblems that are used on jerseys across the pond and vintage looking type. This project consisted of package design, screen printing and branding the company.”

///// Root Beer concept for the fictional "Ipswich Brewing Company", for college project (Jordan Bell, James Utley, Keith Jernigan, Aubrie Barrnett and Zack Gulliani). See other designs by the group by clicking the image.

pinterest.com/fra411 #packaging -  Sixpence Stout by Midday

This packaging is nice because the white wax seal contrasts nicely against the glossy black glass of the bottle. The wax seal is very unique and visually pleasing.

#inspiringbrands _Fuel

Fuel Branding by Commoner, Inc. Boston-based stu­dio Commoner recently launched a brand new site and they fea­tured their com­plete work for Fuel - a brand and identity design for the coffee shop.