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19 Amazing Retro Items That Every 90s Bedroom Had

Demetri Martin... hadn't heard of him til now... dying.

Demetri Martin: One of my all-time favorite comedians<<< I don't know who he is but he sound like a funny guy

Simple sketches added to everyday objects. Now to look around and add more...

Everyday Objects Added to Simple Sketches- actually a good idea to do with your kid. Print pictures of objects/or glue them on and have your child(ren) get creative!

Never really watched the show but it seems like it only came out 5-7 years ago... #IfeelOld

Funny pictures about Remember This Famous Baby? Oh, and cool pics about Remember This Famous Baby? Also, Remember This Famous Baby?

Funny Pictures Of The Day – 92 Pics

Funny Pictures Of The Day - 92 Pics

When someone is trying out a new look - Karen Walker funny - Humor me - Random funnies

When you're more excited for something than your friend is. lol

LOL the Duke of Wesselton dancing with Anna in Frozen. "I'm like the chicken with the face of a monkey!

The fact that the person felt the need to let people know they have a nice hat, or that everyone put smilies in the comments

How I feel waking up first and last walking dead and inception

Funny pictures about Waking up at a sleepover. Oh, and cool pics about Waking up at a sleepover. Also, Waking up at a sleepover.

This is one of my favorite movie quotes EVER.

I LOVE this part and the next part where Mulan's like 'Do u wanna stay for dinner?' and her grandma says, 'Wanna stay forever?' Hahaha so funny!

Pregnancy Tips. I AM DYING. @brittney730

Pregnancy Tips

Pregnancy Tips- although honestly I don't see anything wrong with the visualization part.

It really sad but it so true. Personaly, I couldn't give a shit what happend to Twinkies, even though I am American.

No more bacon motherfuckers. What matters most is not talked about people don't know or find out. crappy shit like twinkies are threatened with extinction and the world goes crazy.

As a teacher, I'd go ballistic...As a Les Mis fan, I love it 24601%.

The face of a man who’s completely done…

"My AP Euro teacher wouldn’t let our class watch Les Mis so we barricaded the door and screamed “VIVE LA REVOLUCIÓN” when he tried to get in. That is the face of a man who is done." (That poor man)