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My favorite Core Exercise,..I knew Rocky Balboa got the idea from somewhere...Should of known Bruce inspired him.

Enter The Six-Pack: Train Like Bruce Lee

The ultimate abs exercise. So hard - but so good. You might have spotted Rocky Balboa doing these.-) He got the idea from Mr Bruce Lee. abs // six pack // dragon flags workout // core exercises // abdominals training

Bruce Lee “I told the truth, I could beat anybody in the world.”

Bruce Lee, martial artist, founder of Jeet Kune Do. Son of Cantonese opera star Lee Hoi-Chuen.

Bruce Lee performing the Muk Yan Jong Wing Chun Kung Fu form - performed against a "wooden dummy". Entirely incorrect application in this picture.The dummy was too short for him.

One arm pull up...one day...far... Far away..

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Bruce Lee with master Ip Man

The ravishingly gorgeous Bruce Lee and his teacher, Chinese martial artist Ip Man.

Knowing  isn't enough, we must apply  what we know that's best. Regardless  if we've the will or not, we must do  what is best anyway.

Bruce Lee broke down many barriers in becoming the greatest martial artist who ever lived. To have no form.

Bruce Lee rocks… | Bruce Lee

If I Tell You I’m Good, You Would Probably Think ......

Funny pictures about Bruce Lee rocks. Oh, and cool pics about Bruce Lee rocks. Also, Bruce Lee rocks.

I don't know if I understand but I am not him either?

The man I look up to the most! Bruce Lee has taught me a various amount of life lessons with his inspirational quotes to live by!

Bruce Lee quote - Hack away at the unessentials #brucelee

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Never too late to be ripped and in the best shape of your life. This dude doesn't look anything like a 65 year old

This man… is 65 years old. Age is simply a number that does not limit your abilities! Excuses do!