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I love when some people try to be deep but others are like "no there literally is a thing for this are you stupid"

Drunk me

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Alison in Pretty Little Liars was buried in her own garden and people still thought it was a murder.

Well of course you can bury yourself alive and then chocke to death

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Yeah... there's a reason that this is what we go for when we take care of teeth; it keeps us safe and healthy and helps them last longer and be stronger.

Weirdly enough describing healthy teeth and people are not the same. Cause all teeth should be the same. I don't want yellow teeth, I definitely don't want rotting black teeth. That's totally unrelated.

Each one of these belongs in a museum of funny Tumblr posts.

Free Pizza, c. 2015. Artist: kissmelou.

yeah, I want that chocolate bar -tumblr

Flawless chocolate logic:>> all logic that involves chocolate is flawless