We still have fun in winter!

Albinos have red eyes. The various other is a white morph, triggered by a various genetics. It is a normally happening attribute of eastern grey squirrels that is extremely, extremely uncommon.

This is so very cute. I have squirrels who visits me from the little forest nearby. They used to jump from a special tree to my garden. That tree went down after a hurricane. Now they cross the asphalt path to come into my garden. I love them so. / Catilda - - - - -  Preparando el fuego

Photographer Nancy Rose builds tiny sets in her back yard for squirrels to interact with. Then she lies in wait and takes hundreds of frames as they run around the sets. Anyway, this is what Nancy& squirrels are up to these days.

Red Squirrel...another red ball and I am done with christmas decorations!!

magicalnaturetour: “ A red squirrel eats berries in a tree in Cologne, Germany Picture: OLIVER BERG/AFP/Getty Images ”

Snowman by vadimtrunov http://ift.tt/1Ih6tKd

Wow, is he a colorful creature! Gives a whole new meaning to: You're so cute I wanna bite your nose!

Beautiful British nature - red squirrel and blue tit

Red squirrel and blue tit in snow, Rothiemurchus Forest near Aviemore, Scotland (No squirrels in Australia.

oh isn't he sweet with his snowy nose!

British wildlife photography awards call for entries - in pictures

This fun-loving squirrel caused a stir when he was photographed with snow dusting his nose amid the thick snowfall in the Yorkshire Dales


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