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Butterfly Dance

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little me thought dragonflies & fireflies were fairies, and that june bugs were brownies, and that lady bugs were elves.


Color Feast: The Greatest Butterfly Photo Collection. Part 1 - AmO Images - AmO Images

Moth or butterfly?

Clouded Magpie (abraxas sylvata) ~ Miks' Pics "Butterflies and Moths l" board…

Butterfly Timelaea albescens formosana - Nymphalidae

Fritillary butterfly, characterized by brownish wings marked with black and silver It's a cheetah print butterfly!

Butterfly #Butterflies

How can people say there is no GOD! They need to step outside and look around at nature, insects, animals, flowers, etc.

Orange Tip Butterfly (Male)

The orange tipped butterfly is a very pretty visitor to the garden

Emergence: Photo by Photographer Paul Bratescu

Monarch Emergence by Animal Explorer. The butterfly hadn't even had a time to spread and dry his wings yet.

yellow butterfly

Daisies and Butterflies - my mommy loved them both.she carried daisies for her wedding bouquet


The Chestnut Tiger (Parantica sita) is a butterfly found in Asia that belongs to the Crows and Tigers, that is, the Danaid group of the Brush-footed butterflies family

.Cocoon and Evolved Metallic Mechanitis Butterfly Chrysalis from Costa Rica

this Butterfly definitely also GOD FINGERPRINT on its creation and creativity to create creature

Butterfly by Monnie Ryan

Sitting Pretty Greeting Card for Sale by Monnie Ryan