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Ikea: Cria espaços. Organiza.

IKEA Stairs Advertisement Store’s main staircase was presented as a chest of drawers, with everything inside neatly organized.

The 80 Best Guerilla Marketing Ideas I’ve Ever Seen Guerilla Marketing Photo

The 80 Best Guerilla Marketing Ideas I’ve Ever Seen

These are the 80 best guerilla marketing examples / ideas I have ever seen. If you are looking for Gorilla, Guerilla, Guerrilla Marketing Examples, you found it

Great ad campaign for disable people. Love ads? follow me in twitter @johnnymatosrd

Creative America Disability Association Advertisement: For some It’s Mt everest Help build more handicap facilities. Great message, an there are other ad messages relevant for printing on a stairway.

100 Guerilla Marketing Ideas: Grow Sales With Zero Budget

The main difference between street art and street advertising is that one can lead you to jail, while another can even earn you money. Which one you choose is up to you, but from marketing point of view, street ads have a lot of benefits.

"Subway Station Coke Ad -- Diet Coke - Take the Escalator; Regular Coke - Take the Stairs"

Coca-Cola Stairs Advertisement Coke Light was advertised to people using the escalator and regular Cola to those who chose the stairs ~ Clever Advertising

Post in Street Marketing su Point of View

IKEA mi stupisce sempre per la qualità della sua comunicazione

Ikea ran an amazing guerilla marketing campaign example in Paris by placing furniture on the subway. Come check out these amazing guerilla marketing examples!

Guerilla marketing

Really moving shopping cart ad

Outdoor Advertising.

Outdoor Advertising.


Ambient advertising campaign for South Carolina tourism

Suitcase Stairway: “Pack your bags: It’s time to thaw.” South Carolina Travel Ad by Bounce Advertising Agency, Greenville, SC.

Hopi Hari-Escalator

Escalator ad for a Brazil amusement park called Hopi Hari turns each step into a snapshot of a couple enjoying a roller coaster.

Z house, Chisinau, 2009 #stair #architecture #modern

not a big fan of this design but I like free standing stairs

Creative advertising #Pompeii

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30 Creative Advertisement Examples from around the world

It’s great to be small - Volkswagen ad by Agence

Installations by Ivan Puig

Installations by Ivan Puig

Crecimientos Artificiales, 2008 by Ivan Puig puig


I love this - nivea goodbye cellulite ad