Chouette by Katy Tricot. Loved knitting this hat and it has a full range of sizes from baby to adult. It is funny how motifs recycle. I knit owls for my son when he was a baby. Craft Ideas,Crafts,DIY baby,I love owls!

Knitting pattern for The Plumage Set for headwrap and cowl in Toddler, Child, Adult sizes on Etsy (affiliate link) tba

*** Knitting 3/5

No pattern but clear pics & drawing shows all measurements in cm. With collar & buttons added: V.

Baby Emily pattern by Kasia Lubinska

A very special thank you to Marianne (strickleserl) for her assistance with this design and to my lovely test-knitters for their help and beautiful knits: capless, Kayserlich, tosofo, ElaMela, zrinka.

baby blanket-page not found but pretty sure it's a seed stitch and stockinette stitch like the checker board pattern with textures. Pinner has lots of different stitch patterns on her site