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Inside the 10 best airport lounges in the world with Qantas Sydney at number 1
refracted light . environmental and wayfinding . P-06
Floor graphics


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15+ Ideas Fabulosas para Decorar tus Paredes
Foto 7. Decoració


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a store front with large window graphics on it
Alex Tait | Artist | Jelly | Jelly UK
an empty room with circular lights and pictures on the wall
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a bench made out of wood sitting on top of a cement floor next to a wall
Flowing Wooden Furniture By Oleg Soroko - IGNANT
Oleg Soroko_Design_6
an image of a wooden bench being constructed in a factory with men working behind it
Centennial Bench
Centennial Bench by Gourab Kar, via Behance
two white benches sitting on top of a wooden floor next to the ocean and palm trees
Акрил — Камень в интерьерах
“S” urban benches – bancos urbanos Inspired by the spiral movement that can be observed from the infinite elements such as the universe or DNA chains to the growth of plants and flowers. This shape symbolizes the constant movement and regeneration. S received the special mention on September 22, 2011, at the international competition of urban furniture organized by HI-MACS, among more than 500 projects submitted. S can be placed outdoors and indoors.
people are walking and sitting on benches near plants
Atelier Vierkant
the skateboarders are riding their boards down the ramp in the building's indoor area
Rapt Studio diseña una ciudad para Dropbox. - diariodesign.com
dropbox hq rapt studio diariodesign vestibulo
a large green wall in an office building
HOME | Nedlaw Living Walls | Canada
outside of Family window with landscape ltg
the interior of an airport with tables and chairs, televisions and seating areas on either side
Square One YP Books by DESIGNBONO, Incheon – South Korea
» Square One YP Books by DESIGNBONO, Incheon – South Korea
a large open space with couches, chairs and tables
Brief encounter: a flexible workspace in Hong Kong is designed to encourage interaction
Bean Buro create a new co-working space | Wallpaper*
the interior of a modern office building with glass walls and wooden steps leading up to it
Workplace – The Work Project / Bean Buro
Workplace The Work Project / Bean Buro | Netfloor USA
the entrance to an airport with large screens on the wall and benches in front of it
Check out this stunning 108 feet long video wall by Obscura Digital
Credit: Salesforce / Obscura Digital
a man standing in an empty room with many pictures on the walls and flooring
HAZE-Guangzhou Design Week C&C Pavilion / C&C DESIGN
HAZE-Guangzhou Design Week C&C Pavilion / C&C DESIGN | ArchDaily