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Whole class makes a butterfly each to lift the balloon
We're one of the first stores in the U.S. to carry these great dual-cover notebooks from Milan's @writesketchand!
Lotta voor Lotta. Not in love with the color but has that simple feel ala Marrimekko.


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the logo for british ceramics and binnali
British Ceramics Biennial 2011
Logo Design Inspiration | British Ceramics Biennial #logo #design
the logo for astrolabel is shown in black and white, with an arrow at the
Comma Media Agency Logo for our new client. #logo #logodesign : #Comma #Media #Agency
a black and white logo with the words aips and arts written in large letters
Stories, reviews,inspirations – Fivestar Branding Agency
Alps And Arts Logo Design
the letter e is made up of black and white letters on a white background with shadows
El arte del espacio negativo: 15 magníficos ejemplos | Paredro
El espacio negativo en un diseño de logo, cartel o ilustración es aquel que se encuentra alrededor entre un sujeto dentro de una imagen. Es un espacio que ayuda a definir un concepto haciendo hincapié en lo que sobra del diseño sin desperdiciarlo.
a black and white logo with the letter f in it's center, on a dark background
H for hug
Juntos hasta la muerte
the logo for an art gallery, called ca'dei ricochii in black and white
International Job offers and awards by Agence Marc Praquin
DESIGN AND DESIGN | International Design Awards by Marc Praquin - Cà dei Ricchi - Logo by
the word merge is shown in black and white
5 Shops Combine to Launch Merge in Chicago, Boston and Atlanta
5 Shops Combine to Launch Merge in Chicago, Boston and Atlanta
the danish design festival logo is shown in black and white, with a large d on it
X. It’s what’s happening
Danish Design Festival Logo
many different images are arranged in the shape of hexagons
Brand New: Knock-Knock-Knocking on Hell’s Door
South Australia Logo, Identity, and Branding
the museum of modern art in harlem, new york logo designed by graphic design studio
Kasia Dybek – Flexible identity for Museum of Jazz exhibition
an advertisement for air bnb with different colors and symbols on the front, in white lettering
Logotipo - Redesenho de marcas
the colorful font and numbers are displayed in this graphic art workflowe, with different colors
Oi! | Wolff Olins designs telecoms logo which reacts to the human voice | Design Week... - a grouped images picture