Manzanas en forma de rosas

denna vackra rosformade dessert gjort på äpplen som lindats in i smördeg

Pastry Folding Hacks

40 Creative Food Hacks That Will Change The Way You Cook

Moldes de chocolate

diy chocolate dessert cups - so fun! tkz: Did this one time at a friend's food party. Messy is what I remember. Yummy though - dark chocolate.

Delicious Ham and Cheese Egg Cobbler

Replace ham with Halal pastrami Breakfast Idea: Delicious Ham and Cheese Egg Cobbler!

Gazpacho de Sandía

Gazpacho de sandía

Gazpacho, Spanish Tapas, Spanish Dishes, Crema Fresca, Bisque Recipe, Aguas Frescas, Cream Soups, Mediterranean Food, Nutribullet

Medallones de brócoli veganos. Receta saludable