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an image of some type of brochure with different colors and patterns on it
Shanti Sparrow Graphic Design & Illustration
Design by Shanti Sparrow Client: Oh Hey! Project Name: Magazine Design #Design #graphicdesign #illustration #layout #magazine #typography #branding #packaging #logo #graphics #identity #graphic #designinspiration #inspiration #nonprofit #notforprofit #posterdesign #brochure #poster #brochuredesign #retro #trending #pastel #comic #dots
a blue book cover with the words journey on it and an image of a clock tower
journey-navy-print.png by Jennifer Wick
A Journey of a thousand miles / Lao Tzo Quote / Typography by Jennifer Wick
a blackboard with white writing on it and an image of herbs in the middle
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culinary herbs | lily & val
a poster with the words 10 dabblings on it
10 Great Web Font Combinations | Stepto & Son Graphic Design and Website Development Agency
Font combinations
a red and white card with the words dream your self on it
Nike - Dream your 90
Nike - Dream your 90 by Happycentro, via Behance
the words wedding in white and pink are on top of a wooden background with a red heart
Sandro Bonomo
Wedding Invitations by i-want studios, via Behance
a black and white photo with the words intereralaticoo on it's side
Carolina Cloos on Behance
Birrificio Intergalattico by Dry Design, via Behance
a black and white poster with the words love is the root for life on it
Alessandro Carraretto
Love is the greatest thing by Alessandro Carraretto, via Behance
there is a poster hanging on the wall next to a hanger that says, when nothing goes right go left
Quote by Elena Santana, via Behance
an open red book with black and white images
Zero Fuorisalone
Zero Fuorisalone by Elsa Jenna, via Behance
the ironman's labor logo with two crossed wrenches on top of it
imad parabolme on Behance
Logos .1 by Elia Pirazzo, via Behance
two black and white posters with lettering on them
Pavé milano
Pavé milano by xxystudio, via Behance