Pressure (Original).

Anish Kapoor: ‘Leviathan’ sculpture, Part of the Monumenta project at the Grand Palais in Pa

microscopic cross section of clematis root • tom grundy

natural mandala - microscopic cross section of clematis root & tom grundy

Diatom. Coloured scanning electron micrograph (SEM) of a Skeletonema punctatum diatom

Coloured scanning electron micrograph (SEM) of a Skeletonema punctatum diatom. I think it looks like jellyfish love.

Magnified owl butterfly egg, (Caligo memnon), Martin Oeggerli

Magnified Butterfly Eggs

Photograph by Martin Oeggerli // Owl butterfly egg // Caligo memnon // The mosaic pattern on an owl butterfly egg looks like a landing pad. At the center is a minute opening, called a micropyle, through which the sperm enters the egg.

The photograph shows a cross section of the leaf of marram grass Ammophila arenaria.

This is a cross section of a single blade of grass, stained for the microscope. The smiley faces are the channels that the water is drawn up through. Science makes me happy too little bade of grass.

MegaFaces installation by Asif Khan

Architect Asif Khan has designed a façade for the 2014 Winter Olympics Pavilion in Sochi, dubbed ‘a Mount Rushmore of the digital age’.

Deborah Bay - Big Bang

Deborah Bay's "The Big Bang" Bullet fired into bullet-proof glas

Twitter / thecoolhunter: Central Park from Above by ...

thecoolhunter on

This aerial photo is stitched together to form Central Park. Russian photographer Sergey Semonov won first place in the major amateur winner category at the Epson International Photographic Pano Award

gulnuroz daglar: cthulhu bowl, from recycled PET bottle. Note: bottom half is a reflection...but just as easily could be two bottle bottoms melded together...           this bowl is transformed from a recycled pet bottle.

Cthulhu bowl

This is a thin section of the lower stem of water milfoil Myriophyllum sp. , stained with the fluorochrome calcofluor which binds to the cellulose of the cell walls and is fluorescing brightly in ultraviolet light. Marsh plants tend to be rooted in anaerobic mud and so have air channels (aerenchyma) that conduct oxygen down to the roots.

A section of the lower stem of a water milfoil Myriophyllum sp. a type of freshwater aquatic plant stained with a fluorescent dye.