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a blue truck is parked in front of a white background
Collection Camions d'autrefois - Altaya - Page 499 - Presse - Modélisme et modèles réduits - Forum Pratique
toy cars and a bus are sitting next to each other
a green toy truck with number 13 on the back
1956 Vanguard Racing Car Transporter with Lotus 11
a toy bus with three cars on the top of it's roof and two other vehicles in the back
two toy cars are stacked on top of each other
a toy car carrier with three red cars on top
Dinky Mercedes LP 1920 Race Car Transporter – Code 3
two toy cars sitting next to each other on top of a wooden table with a blue and red bus in the background
Dinky Bedford ‘MG’ Race Car Transporter
two toy cars are on the back of a tow truck