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de palabras, puns, Spanish, "La Mona-Lisa" (play on word 'lisa', which here means Mona is straitening her hair) Mona of course means monkey.

Qué mal repartido está el mundo | Risa Sin Más

"Life is so unfair" for you non-spanish speakers out there ;


Spanish words: word play on "concentrado." jokes for kids para niños in Spanish for kids Me encanta


The Justice League With Flash ON & OFF Kelsang Metok: Geeky people tent to take things literally Auto-Flash.

Converse (mandatos formales). Visit for more fun materials for Spanish teachers and students!

Son, why do you talk with your shoes? Its because on the box it says 'converse'

le encantan los gatos, sueña con tener, se hace realidad - ¿Qué fue lo que pasó con el sueño de la chica? ¿Cómo pudo haber terminado así? Escribe la historia de su vida y los eventos que acabaron con sus sueños.

Funny pictures about Childhood dreams can come true. Oh, and cool pics about Childhood dreams can come true. Also, Childhood dreams can come true.

Mosquitos que usan Facebook

I am going to sleep with the window open! 24 mosquitoes like this.

jajajaja! trabajo y ejercicio combinado.

I'll Call You Back Later Okay? I'm Having Dinner With My Editor. A sharpened pencil end at a candle light dinner with the eraser end o.