Identity / packaging / The Meat Up by Andrea Falke

The Meat Up by Andrea Falke; Vintage feel yet modern. Very nicely put together everything goes well together.

Bottle and label design for Westkorn by Yvonne Niewerth.  The woodland image could almost be engraved.

New Vintage Type - Beautiful bottle and label design for Westkorn by Yvonne Niewerth.

Pig´s Pearl´s packaging branding on Behance by Daniel Barba curated by Packaging Diva PD. These pig illustrations are great too.

I pinned this for the very classic but quality pig that it was branded with, it is a pig but they use it as this like fancy thing

Vocation Brewery on Behance by Robot food curated by Packaging Diva PD. Love this fun colorful beer packaging.

I love this fun colourful beer packaging. The black demonstrates its worth and the expense this product would cost.


AR's notes: example of black & gold typography. == la diplomate // this Great Gatsby style could work well with this series

This is the same idea as the meat one - I don't necessarily like the colors, just the way they use them

Gentlemen's Hardware

Why invent new looks when you can go vintage and look this good? "A look at the Vintage- style packaging for Wild & Wolf's Gentleman's Hardware Collection PD"

Brasserie Artisanale du Château modern vintage labels

We just sell a variety of stock labels at Labels Zoo but we're happy to quote for any sort of label you need!

Delphis Wine Label (packaging, design, print, foil)

Delphis Wine Label

There’s no saying “no” to a nice glass of wine, especially in art-deco packaging.