Decoration in the garden.

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a wicker basket sitting on top of a moss covered stone wall next to flowers
#cesta artesanal
a vase filled with red and pink flowers sitting on top of a rock
a bouquet of red roses sitting on top of a table
mushrooms growing out of the ground next to a tree stump and mossy rock wall
#Christmas in Pazo de La Saleta. By Fátima Cobo. Colección Vico.
a table topped with fruit and bread on top of a red cloth covered tablecloth
flowers and pine cones are arranged on a wicker table
some fruit and flowers are on a table with pineapples, berries, and candles
some red flowers are sitting on a wicker table next to a glass bowl and pine cones
two red flowers sitting on top of an egg in the middle of some green leaves
#happy #easter
three pink flowers in a vase sitting on a glass table with some potted plants
#vase with #camellias
a birdhouse hanging from a tree with green leaves on it's sides and a red ribbon tied to the top
#Birds home
an outdoor table and chairs in a garden
Under the Arbutus unedo.
pumpkins and gourds are sitting next to wicker baskets
a blue flower in a black vase on a table
Pazo de La Saleta
Tibouchina y la Acacia baileyana.
the flowers are blooming very well in the garden, and it's hard to tell what color they are
Pazo de La Saleta
Flowers to a vase.