Respectful rivalries... and really short shorts. Larry Bird and Magic Johnson.

Magic Johnson & Larry Bird - and back when men still wore shorts instead of skorts. Thank goodness for the trend to long short!


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Larry Bird - Boston Celtics

Larry Bird, Boston Celtics one of the best players of all time, and one of the top clutch performers in the history of sports.

two big

March Madness Bracket: The 64 Greatest Teams in Sports History

Greatest sports duo ever? Scottie Pippen and Michael Jordan

Julius Erving (Dr. J.)

Educate yourselves youngsters, one of the greatest to ever dunk a basketball, I present to you Julius Erving aka Dr. J

vince carter #justflying

There are two schools of thought on Vince Carter. Basically, there is the generally accepted notion that Vince Carter is a waste of talent.