Design Flashback: The Colors of the 70s

I enjoy color palettes (I guess these are warm earth tones?), but I also like hot pinks and brighter colors. I'm not super into or early color palettes. I have a pink bathroom. I am not afraid of color.


Geometric pattern for tribal feel Andy Gilmore - // Geometric Art If only. I would LOVE a quilt exactly like this!


Nike x Dxtr / Nike Hoops


ok- branding black & white design

Clever.. #design #shapes #colour  - grain edit · Justin Mezzell

Creative design for the guide to "urban utilities". Playing off of the title to create a new version of a Swiss Army knife.

VIA logo

VIA logo --positive-negative space

Super Cool Olly Moss Illustrations

"The Black Keys" concert poster by Olly Moss minimalist movie poster art from designer BrickHut.


Dribbble Globetrotter by Aaron Eiland on Designspiration

Paul Rand: IBM (1956-1991) - The Phaidon Archive of Graphic Design | Brain Pickings

The Phaidon Archive of Graphic Design

Paul Rand eye bee m IBM 1981 Poster Advertising

turn « smart. by Marco Creativo


I really liked this wordmark, designed by Marco Garcia, because it is also an ambigram. I've developed a fascination with ambigrams since starting this course, so I'll likely pin more examples like this.

evan hecox

Yellowtrace Painted Newspaper Prints by Evan Hecox.

Photoshop Tricks: how to make a postcard-style Photoshop montage

Interesting way to create titles.

'long' / Studio Brave / Brands like us*

Boston Celtics

Boston pride never die!

Onion Design Associates | hacking Ikea exhibition identity

HackingIkea - Exhibition identity on Behance