Glitter Macro Wallpaper

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From Hannes Beer's Photostream "The All Day Everyday Project" INSPIRATION: Today I just wanted to make a design with a skull - can you see it? The All Day Everyday Project is my graphic design diary.

Minakani - a Paris textile design studio

Minakani - a Paris textile design studio play with transparency impression using colour

Adam Flynn, Glitch art, Colourful pixels are distorted through pixel sorting algorithms

Goodnight Nobody by Danny Ivan

Chevron Stripe Goodnight Nobody - by Danny Ivan Art Print


Jan Albers, 2012 The Hundred Twenty two Up and Down from Dusk- til Dawn, spray…

Vintage 19th c. marbled paper, Turkish pattern - currently what i'm in love with

Marbled Paper Designs by Various Artists. All images come from the University of Washington Decorated and Decorative Paper Collection. First image: Vintage c. marbled paper, Spanish moiré on.

alberto seveso - ink in water

alberto seveso (ink, fabric and water)

5 Hexagon Backgrounds Vol. I

Pourrait être sympa en background sur les headers des pages du site


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watercolor    ...reminding me of sea glass colors

Tobias Tovera, you work is mesmerizing, one of these blue paintings will hang in my house one day. Learn more about Tobias Toveras’s beautiful artwork