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Pau Moya
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Francesco Baracca gave his horse emblem to Enzo Ferrari's mother.

Count Francesco Baracca May 1888 – 19 June was Italy’s top fighter ace of World War I. He was credited with 34 aerial victories. Baracca’s mother presented his prancing stallion emblem, the Cavallino Rampante, to Enzo Ferrari.

Duke Spook

I don't know anything about this airplane other than it's in Kingman, AZ. "Our Gal Sal" BG BS) is to the right.

Heavenly Body

I'm new to the forum and I'm curious about WWII Bomber nose art. I'm doing some research for a paint scheme I plan on doing.

Zorro's Mistress

Aircraft Nose Art - Vintage Military Air Force Bombers and Fighters Noseart Posters Pictures and Framed Air Force Noseart.

Waddy's wagon

historicaltimes: “ Crew of “Waddy’s Wagon” poses to duplicate their caricatures in the nose art. Led by American football star Capt.”Waddy” Young, Saipan 1944 Read More ”


More cockpit impressions from the Boeing

You like airplanes, too?

Loadmaster Senior Airman Dylan Strom enjoys the view during a civic leaders and clergy flight. Clergy and leaders from the local area participated in an orientation flight with the Airlift Wing Oct.