DIY calendario de escritorio

DIY Desk Calendar

Diy marcador de páginas

29 Of The BEST Crafts For Kids To Make (projects for boys & girls!)

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7 tipos de Letras

Parley free typeface -- lots of triangles and a modern, readable typeface Mehr

Diseños para tus cuadernos... ♥

Handmade decoration for notebooks by Craftingeek* (Diy Decorao Cuadernos)

libreta encaje

Decora tus libretas para que no te avergüencen al regresar a clases

This adventure notebook tutorial is the perfect DIY gift idea for everyone from hostesses to teachers to kids! So simple to personalize the cover with Mod Podge. Great for school or for a planner!


I would do it with kpop, also, note to self - find out how to cover it with plastic or smth for longer perfection!

lapices colores

14 Lindos proyectos que te mantendrán entretenida estas vacaciones

notebook collage || i will do this

Ive been seeing so many notebook collages lately. A notebook is a place for reflection, therefore I think having an inspiring cover is such a good idea and it looks so good too!