Escultura vidrio

Me gusta la Escultura. El volumen que se adueña del espacio para trascender.
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a woman is working on some kind of metal object with a flame in her hand
Artes del fuego
a woman drinking from a pink light saber
a woman is working on some kind of device with flame coming out of the top
Artes del fuego
a person's hand is on top of a sculpture
Prototipo no valido.
a red heart shaped object sitting on top of a table
Mi corazón
a person holding up a piece of glass with sky and clouds in the back ground
a person standing next to a stone marker
a large stone block sitting on top of a grass covered hillside next to the ocean
two soap bars sitting on top of a counter
Nadadora errante.
several pieces of ice sitting on top of each other
Palabras frágiles, que se las lleva el tiempo.