Auch! Eso debe doler!!!

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Soy amante de los zapatos pero hay cosas que nunca tendrian que haber existido, no solo hace que me duelan los piecitos si no que me lastiman los ojitos!!!

Invisible Heel, yes please! 8 Popular Designer Shoes that Look Like Designers Just Want to Play a Trick on Us

Por lo menos tiene pelotitas en las puntas para no resbalarse

Designed to look like a modern high-chair the high-chair heels take your feet 6 inches off the ground so they sit almost vertical

Irish footwear designer Sandra Plantos has created a collection of shoes that are too heavy to walk in

Very strange shoes of the day! - posted in Fashion Talk: Check out these heels! Looks like some kind of strange torture device to me! What do you think?

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The Long and Short of it All: A Dachshund Dog News Magazine: Dachshund Fashion: "Come Play With Me" Pumps

The lady GaGa claw shoes, alien vs predator shoes, and steam punk shoes. I'd actually wear the alien vs predator shoes.

What fashion lover doesn't love shoes? I've compiled the strangest shoes in fashion today that even the biggest fashionista may or may not love. These shoes are innovative, funny, and some are even disturbing.