Anuncio de la nº 9 de Wheeler & Wilson

Wheeler and Wilson New No. 9 Sewing Machine ad, 1888 Advertising card for the Wheeler and Wilson New No. Advertising card by H. Thomas and Wylie, Missouri History Museum Photographs and Prints Collections.

Edison Phonographs Records and Supplies Advertisement Sign Aluminum Made In The USA. Made in the USA, Quality Heavy Gauge Metal Sign, Vintage Sign, High Resolution Color Image.

RETAZOS DE MI NIÑEZ (años 60-70s)                                                                                                                                                                                 Más

RETAZOS DE MI NIÑEZ (años 60-70s

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Fritz Lang’s Metropolis, movie poster, 1926 Poster for Fritz Lang’s film “Metropolis” shows the character Maria in Rotwang’s transformation machine. Signed “Klebrand”, ca.

Imprimolandia: Hombres&Autos vintage

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