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three jars with animals in them and the words in su sottoo written below
a clock with different languages and numbers on it's face, in the middle of a circle
Che ore sono?
a woman sitting on top of a red machine with the words rispondere
a man walking with a briefcase in his hand and the words'presente indicativ
Speakita - Find your voice and engage with Italians
the spanish words are arranged in different colors and font styles, including oranges, pinks
Italienisch - Lerne die schönste Sprache der Welt auf einfache Weise
an open book with numbers and words on it's pages, including the latin alphabet
the different types of people with their names in italian and english, as well as pictures of them
an italian language poster with the words gerundio, parrando and grundio
a pink poster with the words come stat in spanish and some other languages on it
two hands are shown with the words mano, pede, and aluce
Free Teachers Charts in Italian and English - printables
a blackboard with different types of italian words written in white chalk and colored writing on it
Italian Alphabet: Pronunciation Chart & Memory Games to Practice
an image of weather icons in spanish
🌈 Pogoda po włosku 🌈