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tree stump vase : )

One more thing that you can make from a tree stump is a vase or a flower pot-Tree Stump Vases. You can even make a large flowers centerpiece that will decorate the main table or a wedding. Of course for that you’ll need a bunch of tree stump flower…

Relax • Mary Kay Landscape Photography

Love Photography, working with special effects on photos Colorful People, Places & Things and Pretty Fantasy, Interacting with people around the world All the Goodstuff! All things Caribbean & Ocean & Beach, Love Seasonal Art & Photos I am the Real.

[Infographic] Why Brands Should Care About #Pinterest Influencers: #socialmedia

I really like how this infographic is clear and clean. I like that sections are blocked out in different colors. It is easy to read and see the different portions. The color scheme is eye catching, and I like the font and font sizes used throughout.