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collect a variety of different [small]containers, separate bottle/ box etc from lid. add more items and make them more similar for older kids. nb unscrewing is really challenging

Motricidad fina

Simple preschool color matching activity that will also work on fine motor skills -- pushing colored popsicle sticks into an old coffee can! This activity not only develop cognitive skills, but and fine motor

Para mi peque con amor: Lata y tapes

Understanding of spatial relationships. Infants will enjoy placing the lids into a metal can just to hear the sound hearing it hit inside.

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20 fáciles juegos que mantendrán entretenido a tu hijo un buen rato

Manualidades para bebés

5 manualidades para bebés de juegos sensoriales

Baby sensory play for a 6 to 9 month old baby. Wrap cling wrap around a canvas and have the baby smoosh away with their hands and feet. So much fun and minimal mess. Tap the link to check out sensory toys!

Ideas geniales para entretener a tu hijo cuando estás ocupado: una torre de cajas, imán, calcomanías e insertar varios recipientes de plástico de distintos tamaños (uno dentro del otro), lo único bien, lo demás es peligroso.

100 Ideas geniales para entretener a tu hijo cuando estás ocupado

Make one of these for the sparkle bag; from 100 simple ways to keep a child entertained when you’re busy

5 manualidades para bebés ¡juegos sensoriales!                                                                                                                                                                                 Mais

5 manualidades para bebés de juegos sensoriales

Here is a handmade DIY zipper board for kids, which is great for developing fine motor skills, independence and sensory awareness.

instrumentos musicales para niños hechos en casa

instrumentos musicales para niños hechos en casa